The Web Mitta Mitta Site
Mitta Mitta is a beautilful little hamlet nestled in the Mitta Valley in north-east Victoria.  Situated at the Junction of the Mitta Mitta River and Snowy Creek,  this charming little town is the epicentre for local tourism, fishing, recreational and holiday activities and is a great place to live.  Mitta is the jewel in the Mitta Valley crown: enjoy your stay at our web site and please come and visit!
Mitta Valley Volunteers
The Mitta Valley is fortunate in having one of the highest volunteer participation rates in Victoria.  Over half the population volunteer for one of the many organisations in the Valley dedicated to making our Shangri-la a safer and better place.
Key organisations that attract community support is the CFA (3 stations), SES (based at Mitta) and Ambulance Victoria (based at Mitta).